Stucco Painting

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There are three main reasons for painting stucco:

 1) The stucco has cracks. In the winter, when water gets into these cracks, it freezes and expands. When it does, it causes the cracks to grow. Settling can also cause cracks. Eventually the stucco may start to fall off. Paint fills these cracks and seals the stucco. We caulk or patch the larger cracks and damaged areas before we paint.

2) The stucco's binder is wearing (oxidizing) and needs to be sealed.

3) The stucco is cosmetically in need. (ie. stains around the windows, mildew, etc.)



SW Loxon XP



Cherry Hill




SW Super Paint Satin



Cherry Hill




SW Super Paint Flat



Bleach & Wash

we pressure wash to remove any chalkiness, mildew, and dirt.



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